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Premium Range Inverter Air Conditioners using Non-Toxic M60 Natural Refrigerant – Made in Australia

Introducing our range of clean, smart rooftop packaged air conditioning units – Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS. These units are equipped with efficient DC compressors and fan motors, utilising advanced fuzzy control and DC Inverter technology to steplessly adjust the output capacity according to the space load and significantly reduce power consumption.

These HVAC units are the world’s first to use a natural refrigerant, the Australian-developed Engas M60 hydrocarbon refrigerant, making them the most environmentally friendly option available with a GWP of 1 and no harm caused to the planet in the event of a refrigerant leak.

They outperform all other packaged HVAC units, manufactured by both local and multinational companies, with an efficient operation up to 60 degrees Celsius due to the exceptionally high critical temperature of M60 Hydrocarbon. This demonstrates extreme resilience in Australia’s tough environment and showcases the expertise of specialist engineers who designed these units.

In contrast, chemical refrigerant units cause damage to the atmosphere and leave harmful PFAS forever chemicals in their wake, leading to impending EU bans. Engas M60 hydrocarbon refrigerant is also up to 34% more energy efficient than chemical refrigerants, with lower operating pressures resulting in less wear and tear on compressors, less vibration, and smoother operation. Furthermore, natural refrigerant units require only 50% of the refrigerant charge by weight compared to chemical refrigerant units.

As a result, sustainability managers of multinational companies, Federal and State Governments, and local councils in Australia are now advocating for natural refrigerants to play their part in addressing the climate crisis.

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Designed with strong anti-grid fluctuation capabilities, Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS can perform stably in an ultra-wide voltage range from 342V to 456V. They also have strong anti-interference capabilities, with hosts able to directly connect to wired controllers with two-core unshielded cables up to 100 meters in length.

Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS are built with comprehensive protection, such as high/low pressure protection, over-current protection, high discharge temperature protection, and phase failure and sequence protection, greatly improving products’ reliability in extreme environments. Additionally, they are equipped with highly anti-corrosive coatings for outdoor and indoor heat exchangers, triple-layer moisture-proof painting PCBs, and hermetically sealed indoor fan motors, ensuring durability in extreme conditions.

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Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS have been designed specifically for the harsh Australian Climate and are guaranteed to perform optimally within a large range of design conditions.

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Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications and are available in normal cooling capacity from 25 to 150kW.

Polaris Intelligent Series

Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS are unobtrusive, quiet and designed to provide year-round comfort – warming in winter and cooling in summer.

Polaris Intelligent Series
GreenSmart Ducted Packaged Units

Capacity Range: 34.0~105.0Kw
Operation Range: Cooling: 18~52°C Heating: -10~24°C

Electronic expansion valves (EXV) of Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS are controlled by the MCU, utilizing high/low pressure and compressor discharge temperature to optimize units’ operation process. They also feature exclusive outdoor fan dead wind start-up functions, improving success rates of fan start-up in windy conditions and ensuring steady unit performance.

Above 45kW, Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS adopt double compressors, with one able to start in an emergency if the other fails. During maintenance periods, units can continue to refrigerate, making them flexible and convenient.

Finally, Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS support centralised control and remote-control functions, with one centralized controller able to control up to 36 hosts. Hosts can be accessed and controlled through LAN and WAN with required gateway accessories.

Intelligent Series

Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS range offers solutions to suit small to large package air conditioner applications, e.g. offices, shops, hotels, fast food outlets, restaurants, petrol stations, open plan office and workspaces, supermarket, shopping malls and auditoriums.


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Polaris GreenSmart PAC UNITS are suited to high static pressure applications where large volume spaces are to be air conditioned. Long duct runs are possible enabling greater installation flexibility.

Polaris Intelligent Series

Polaris Technologies engineers have extensive experience in designing air conditioning equipment for specific applications.

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