Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series of air-conditioners
Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series of air-conditioners
Polaris GreenSmart Series

Wall-mounted air conditioner with no external unit

Bulky outdoor units can detract from the appearance of your home or business premises, and they can be noisy too. Eliminating them is a triumph of design, allowing for faster, cheaper and easier installation. Innovative Italian design At Olimpia Splendid we’ve spent more than a decade refining Unico air conditioners to provide maximum comfort indoors while preserving the exterior appeal of houses, apartments and commercial buildings.

Unico Pro is now available in Australia and New Zealand. Your home will feel comfortable on the inside and look beautiful on the outside. There’s nothing quite like it.

Modern Inverter Technology
Unico Pro is powerful, versatile and efficient thanks to an advanced frequency range and a clever electronic management system. Inverter fans are designed to reduce power consumption and minimise noise in all conditions.

Low noise operation
Unico Pro’s Silent Mode function skilfully co-ordinates its inverter compressor and ventilation components to maximise acoustic comfort. To further decrease sound, Unico Pro’s shell is lined with state-of-the-art noise-absorbing material.

Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series of air-conditioners
Polaris GreenSmart Series


Italian style and elegance

Collaboration is at the heart of Unico Pro. Engineered and made in Italy by Olimpia Splendid, the clean lines of Unico Pro’s exterior have been designed by prestigious Milan studio Matteo Thun & Partners. The Unico range is the recipient of several product design awards.

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Convenient remote operation

Unico Pro’s controls are not an afterthought. The onboard backlit touchscreen display is clean and intuitive, while each Unico Pro unit comes with a full-function remote control that looks good wherever it’s put down.

Manage from your smartphone

The optional wi-fi/Bluetooth kit extends Unico Pro’s capability even further. With this smart functionality, Unico Pro can be controlled from wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

Wiring options

Unico Pro is best installed by a qualified professional. However, it can be conveniently plugged directly into an existing power point, meaning hard wiring by your electrician is completely optional.

Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series of air-conditioners
Polaris GreenSmart Series

Straightforward installation

Unico Pro is conveniently installed from the inside, including the positioning of its external vents, making installation faster and safer. It can be located at the top or bottom of a wall and still create an even distribution of air.

1. Drill two 202mm diameter holes in the wall, with the centre points of the two holes 293mm apart
2. Roll and insert the supplied plastic sheaths, ensuring the splice line (join) is positioned at the top
3. Fix the support brackets to the wall using the supplied wall plugs and screws
4. Lift the air conditioner into place by tilting the lower base of the unit towards yourself for ease of placement

The clever design of Unico Pro extends to servicing. Simply lift the unit off its hooks for transportation to the nearest agent.

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