Polaris Technologies HideAway Series of ducted air-conditioners
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Polaris Technologies new HideAway Series presents an innovative approach to out-of-sight air-conditioning. These units are self-contained, ducted air-cooled machines, suitable for above ceiling installation. No condensing unit is required.

HideAway Series of ducted air-conditioners

Polaris HideAway 10kW available in split or packaged format

Designed in Australia for our hot climate, the HideAway Series delivers exceptional performance throughout the year – even on the hottest days. The condenser air ducts can be extended up to 6 meters using acoustic flexible duct which provides extremely low outdoor sound levels.

M60 natural refrigerant

The HideAway Series is ideal in situations where unattractive external units need to be avoided like in heritage buildings, apartments and hotels. The units come in two power ratings: 3.5kW and 10kW and are suitable for new projects and retrofits.

HideAway Series - out of sight out of mind

Hidden away – out of sight, out of mind, the Polaris HideAway only makes its presence felt with the consistent comfort it provides. Quiet and reliable throughout the hot Australian summer.

The HideAway Series is ideal for heritage buildings

The Polaris HideAway is hidden away in the roof – this is ideal for retrofitting heritage buildings or apartments and hotels where external units need to be avoided

The HideAway Series uses state-of-the-art technology

The Polaris HideAway uses state of the art technology that is both safer and more efficient – giving you and your family piece of mind.

Polaris HideAway Condenser Grilles

Polaris HideAway condenser grilles – no unsightly outdoor units

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Polaris Technologies new HideAway Series opens up new possibilities for designers and architects who can now dispense with unsightly exterior units. The units are also very easy to install, requiring less plumbing and pipe ducting than existing methods.

Polaris Technologies HideAway Series of ducted air-conditioners

Polaris HideAway Ducted 3.5kW

The HideAway Series offers solutions to the clutter and fire hazard on balconies where air-conditioning units are often located. As well as safety benefits, having the unit in the ceiling frees up living space and provides a more pleasing aesthetic.

Even rooftops can be cleared of unsightly exterior units with a Polaris HideAway ducted system. Venting can be incorporated into building facades giving architects and designers more freedom to preserve the building’s clean lines.

HideAway Series uses non-toxic refrigerant

Air-condition apartment buildings without using unsightly outdoor units. Suitable for heritage, apartments and hotels.

The HideAway Series of ducted air-conditioners have no condenser loop or cooling tower

With the Polaris HideAway Series there is no expensive condenser water loop or cooling tower required.

Polaris Technologies HideAway Series - we've got you covered

Gains in efficiency, real ongoing cost savings and piece of mind for you and your family knowing that your air-conditioning system incorporates state of the art technology and is free from dangerous HFC’s.

HideAway Series brings peace of mind

Polaris HideAway Series Specifications

3.5kW EPC12-A1
Dimensions of complete unit

10kW EPC30-A1 & EPE30-A1
Dimensions of complete unit

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