Polaris Technologies HideAway Air Conditioners

Making their mark across Australia

After three years of outstanding performance in Australia, Polaris Technologies range of HideAway Air Conditioners is on its way to changing the AC landscape, for a cleaner, greener planet.

Stocks are sold out with new shipments on the way, as councils, specifiers and architects across Australia look for AC solutions that use natural refrigerants and dispense with unsightly outdoor condensers. The Polaris HideAway has been designed to meet these new requirements.

Extremely reliable, with low running costs, these air conditioners are proving themselves across multiple sites in Australia. Heritage buildings and locations with difficult site requirements now have a simple method of air conditioning – and customers are seeing the benefits.

Polaris Hideaway Air Conditioners – Natural Refrigerant and No Outdoor Units Required

Polaris HideAway 10.5kW
Polaris HideAway

M60 Natural Refrigerant

Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential (GWP 0.76) using Natural Refrigerant

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural and have zero impact on the environment, unlike chemical refrigerants, which are extremely toxic to the environment, including the new lower GWP gases used by all major air conditioner manufacturers.

Our HideAway machines use M60 refrigerant, manufactured by Engas in Australia. We are finding a lot of interest in our units from customers who are looking to improve their environmental footprint. Polaris Technologies is leading the way with innovative approaches to air conditioning systems designed to be more efficient and environmentally safe.

M60 Natural Refrigerant
Sustainable Design

Planet Friendly

There is now a worldwide effort underway to ameliorate the effects of global warming, with Governments and Industry promoting a shift to natural refrigerants. With machines like our HideAway, Polaris Technologies is facilitating this transition.

Natural Refrigerants
Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Polaris HideAway machines have been designed to facilitate Circular Economy. This framework offers significant economic, social, and environmental benefits, and will be a key strategy in meeting emissions reduction targets and aligning to the Paris Agreement.

Close-coupled System

Hideaway has been uniquely designed to enclose both condensing unit and evaporator into one close-coupled system, facilitating easy removal when renewal of the units is required.

Designed for Easy Retrofitting

Simplified design means at renewal time any control technology upgrades or fan motor technology upgrades can easily be retrofitted. Removal of one top panel provides access by renewal technician to all components making upgrade very easy. There is no connecting pipework or electrical power cables to replace as required using split systems.

Thermal-XR Protection

Many standard split systems have coil failure within a few years. The aluminium/copper coils on the HideAway are protected for life using Thermal XR protective coating. 

Easily Relocated and Replicated

If occupant moves premises the hideaway unit can be relocated. Where a building needs significant usage modifications the Hideaway units can be simply relocated, or additional units installed for repurpose of the building.

Efficient Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

The total cooling efficiency of chemical refrigerants is significantly reduced during high ambient temperatures mostly on rooftops where condensers are located. The Polaris HideAway uses Hydrocarbon refrigerants which remain efficient up to 60°C.

Operating pressure inside hydrocarbon refrigerant units is 30% less than other refrigerants which means less strain on components reduced compressor run time and reduced energy consumption.

No Refrigerant Reclamation Needed

Unlike other AC units with chemical refrigerants, with the Polaris HideAway there is no need to reclaim and destroy toxic refrigerant. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural and do not pollute a waterway or produce acid rain if they leak into the atmosphere.

Circular Economy
Production Studio

Cool Production Studio

A well-known production studio in Sydney installed thirty-two Polaris HideAway 3.5 kW and 10.0 kW units three years ago. The location filming nature of the enterprise has required relocating all of the HideAway units three times during this period.

The original cooling capacity was engineered at 276kW, using alternate brand packaged units. When it came time to upgrade, the installer chose to install only 226 kW cooling capacity of Polaris units because performance of our machines remains solid up to 60°C whereas conventional packaged units using chemical refrigerants lose significant cooling performance as ambient temperatures go above 36°C.

Production Studio

Energy Savings

The client has reported no breakdowns over three years in three locations. Energy costs reduced by 35%. Operation is 24 hours per day and temperatures have varied from – 2°C, up to 44°C with no problems.

It is important to appreciate that all of these units have been installed, uninstalled, transported, stored in warehousing and then transported and reinstalled three times. Every time the units continue operate flawlessly with no need to run any connecting pipe work or wiring. No potential for refrigerant leaks by technicians or forklifts moving around the site at demolition, just hang the units in new location and connect drains.

Mosman RSL

Install Made Easy by Polaris

Three years of flawless operation has been achieved in Auditorium of Mosman RSL

A contactor was faced with a challenging install behind a stage area with a very long refrigerant pipe run if opting for a conventional ducted system. Instead, the Polaris Hideaway installation was simple with no pipework or wiring required. Natural refrigerant means that the Club’s air conditioning system is at the highest level of sustainability and management is very happy.

In the future, if any modifications to the stage area are required, the Hideaways can simply be unbolted and moved to a new location, no pipe work, no fuss.

Polaris HideAway Condenser Grilles

Operation Up to 60°C

Easy Operation Up to 60C – No clutter – No Environmental Impact – Low Breakout Noise

Polaris Hideaway units operate efficiently up to 60°C. Natural Hydrocarbon M60 refrigerant has an extremely high critical temperature, unlike toxic chemical refrigerants used in conventional air conditioners.

Hideaway’s condensing units are hidden away from sight with just ventilation grilles visible.

The condenser air is ducted away which results in minimal breakout noise. This is a noticeable and welcome effect and overcomes a serious shortfall in conventional systems.

Because condenser coils are not open to the weather, Hideaway units do not suffer environmental damage like hail, flood and storm damage, or even vandalism, because they are enclosed in a roof space or plant room. Corrosion of coils is significantly reduced because these units are not exposed to weather.

Production Studio

Polaris HideAway Innovation

When an innovative technology comes along, offering a range of features designed to make the built environment less invasive, it takes a while before momentum builds and the product catches the attention of engineers, architects, and specifiers. We have many satisfied customers who are spreading the word. If you’re reading this hopefully you will understand the importance of this innovation and pass it on to your client.

Reclaim Rooftop Area

Reclaim Roof Space from HVAC Units

Unsightly roof top HVAC units can now be hidden from sight with only ventilation grilles required. Architects can now make use of full rooftop area for use by occupants. This exciting innovative technology is unique to Polaris Technologies.

Locally manufactured units ranging from 10 kW up to 80 kW are arriving soon.

Reclaim Rooftop Area

New Architectural Possibilities

Polaris Technologies HideAway opens new possibilities for designers and architects who can now dispense with unsightly exterior units. Repurpose rooftop space and unlock new potential for living space with Polaris HideAway.

Polaris Compact

Compact Wall Unit

Polaris Compact wall-mounted air conditioner unit – cant get any easier than this!

Our 3.1 kW Polaris Compact unit has proven extremely popular with the apartment market as well as small commercial jobs. These units are fully contained with no outside condenser.

Simply drill two 160mm holes in an exterior wall and mount the unit on a bracket, similar to a clothes dryer installation, that’s it. These little machines are high efficiency inverter heat pumps and do not require a condensate drain due clever condensate misting technology.

The University of New South Wales has achieved cooling in 150 rooms of a heritage building that was otherwise impossible to cool. All going well after two years.

We have installed many Polaris Compact systems in older style apartments that could never have been air conditioned using a conventional approach, giving residence relief and adding value to the property.