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World Leading Green Technology

Polaris Technologies has reinvented air conditioning and is committed to zero harm natural refrigerants – no toxic HFC gases.

Our innovative thinking has resulted in our HideAway ducted systems with no outdoor unit and Intelligent Series R22 Upgrade | R22 Replacement | R22 Retrofits.

Australian engineered and owned.

No Outdoor Units - World Leading Green Technology

We have invented a new air conditioner! Five years of Australian R & D has resulted in Polaris Hideway ducted Range. No Outdoor Unit Required

  • No ugly balcony unit
  • Refrigerant pipe work not required
  • Plug and Play
  • Suitable for heritage, strata and aged care

R22 Upgrade, Replacement, Retrofit

Polaris Intelligent Series provides the solution to a worldwide problem

Retrofit existing R22 systems – just change the outdoor unit

  • No pipework replacement
  • No indoor replacement
  • No destructive building works
  • New warranties
  • World Patented Technology

Inverter Double Duct Air Conditioner

The Polaris Compact Double Duct Inverter by AirTemp, features no outdoor, no drainage system and has been designed specifically for apartment living and heritage buildings where space is at a premium and where building facade aesthetics are an important consideration.

Air Conditioning | Ducted HVAC Systems | R22 Upgrades

Advanced Air Conditioners for the Australian Climate

Polaris Technologies is 100% Australian owned company developing and selling cutting edge HVAC systems. The business currently specialises in a range of highly innovative air-conditioners that do not require an outdoor unit.

Polaris HideAway Air Conditioner

The Polaris HideAway Series air-conditioners are ducted systems with world-first technology and Australian designed. No longer do installers and specifiers need to find space for unsightly and troublesome condensers. The HideAway 10 kW and 3.5 kW systems have no unsightly outdoor condenser units to cause problems.

The Polaris HideAway Series is designed to achieve a Circular Economy framework

This framework offers significant economic, social, and environmental benefits, and will be a key strategy in meeting emissions reduction targets and aligning to the Paris Agreement.

Circular Economy
R22 Upgrade - R22 Replacement - R22 Retrofit

R22 Upgrade | R22 Replacement | R22 Retrofit. Our unique Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series employ inverter technology for maximum efficiency and comfort.

The Polaris Compact Double Duct Inverter by Airtemp, features no outdoor, no drainage system and has been designed specifically for apartment living and heritage buildings where space is at a premium and where building facade aesthetics are an important consideration.

Polaris Technologies has re-invented air-conditioning

Since its invention in 1902, air-conditioning has made many advances, especially in systems used in commercial buildings. In 1946 the first units started to appear in residential dwellings – they were noisy, cumbersome and unsightly but they brought air-conditioning to the masses.

Since the early 1970s, the most common form of domestic and light commercial air-conditioning has been the split system. These were reasonably efficient and enabled quieter operation indoors because the noisy compressor and condenser fan were placed outside. Nothing much in the way of innovative design has happened since then. Until now.

We have taken a significant leap forward with our Polaris range of ducted air-conditioners. These units are fully self-integrated with no remotely placed compressors and condenser fans. There are many significant advantages to this design.

Australian Hydrocarbon HVAC Retrofit

By Tony Power (Polaris Technologies, Feb 08, 2020

Polaris Technologies has launched a ducted air-conditioning unit based on natural refrigerant propane (R290) in a hydrocarbon blend.

Natural Refrigerant HVAC Retrofit – A New Way

The redevelopment and modernisation of a building in the leafy suburb of Terry Hills has resulted in possibly Australia greenest building.

The HVAC equipment selected is all powered by natural refrigerants, resulting is a highly efficient systems with Ultra low GWP – a first for Australia. The equipment selected was supplied by Sydney based Polaris Technologies using ducted Hideaway units along with their retrofit Intelligent Series.

Natural refrigerants have a global warming potential of only 3. This compares with toxic chemical refrigerants of GWP from 600 – 2500. Most people don’t realise the serious greenhouse tragedy occurring when chemical refrigerants leak into the atmosphere.

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